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REITs Showing No Sign of Slowing Down

November 27, 2019

At Timbercreek, we have a comprehensive understanding of how to assess the attractiveness of REITs in the eyes of an investor.

Backed by years of experience, our skilled team can point to the potential income return on an investor’s capital. We also recognize how the contractual nature of leases result in highly visible real estate cash flows and are able to determine the sustainability of growth for future earnings.

Today, the global REIT market[1] is yielding nearly 4%, far higher than what can be earned from other industries. Dividends are growing at the pace of earnings and in some cases, including technology-focused REITs (cell towers and data centers), dividends[2] are growing 10% to 20% per annum.

We’ve observed this trend play out in 3 of the last 4 quarters with global REITs outperforming broader equities[3]. For example, in Q3 2019, global REITs outperformed global equities by 420 basis points. Similarly in Q1, global REITs surpassed global equities by 220 basis points[4].

To shed some light on current trends, REITs are forecasted to continue to outperform other sectors of the economy. The growth of the global economy coupled with lower interest rates and the falling cost of debt is having a positive impact on both housing and corporate bond markets. Further, the strength of the service sector has helped cushion the blow from a slowdown in manufacturing. Finally, unemployment is low, consumer confidence remains high, and the pace of job growth around the world is steady. We recognize each of these trends have positively influenced REIT performance on a global scale.

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