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Exploring the Benefits of Global Real Estate Investing

August 19, 2019

Investors today face challenges that can only be overcome with innovative thinking. Real estate, whether in the form of private, direct investments or publicly traded companies via mutual funds, is particularly fertile ground for the out-of-the-box solutions investors need. 

A large proportion of investors have three main priorities when it comes to building a portfolio: 1) income, 2) diversification and 3) capital preservation through low volatility, but with meaningful growth. For decades, the standard approach to meeting these goals was the 60% equity, 40% fixed-income portfolio. There is increasing recognition that this approach is no longer adequate.

In our whitepaper, we overview why this old formula is incapable of delivering in today’s challenging environment. We discuss new strategies geared towards meeting investor needs- strong, reliable income. Diversification. Capital preservation through low volatility, plus meaningful growth. 

For more information, click here to read the whitepaper exploring the benefits of global real estate investing.