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10 Years of Sustained Performance 


Timbercreek Core Global Real Estate Strategy hits 10-year track record while consistently outperforming the benchmark standards.


Timbercreek Global Real Estate Securities has surpassed the $2 billion threshold in assets under management, growing by more than $1 billion in about two years.

The holdings are spread across three major strategies (core REIT strategy, income REIT strategy, Four Quadrant Partnership) covering geographies including the United States, Canada, Western Europe, Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore and Australia.

The Global Real Estate Securities team is led by a group of experienced investment professionals with a 10-year history of working together managing global real estate portfolios.

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10 Years of Sustained Performance

Our Success


Growth over the last decade has been driven by an amplified interest in real estate and REITs from institutional investors. During periods of economic uncertainty, global real estate has historically outperformed other asset categories.

Our securities business will continue to grow based on our strong presence in key markets, our close watch of local economic conditions and by maintaining an ongoing dialogue with the management of our portfolio of listed companies


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