Timbercreek Four Quadrant Global Real Estate Partners

The Timbercreek Four Quadrant Global Real Estate strategy is available to both Accredited Investors and Non-Accredited Investors (via the Offering Memorandum Exemption) 

Institutional Investors

For direct investment by institutional investors, please contact Timbercreek at subscriptions@timbercreek.com.  Minimum investments will apply.

Individual Investors

The Timbercreek Four Quadrant Global Real Estate strategy is sold through most Canadian dealers. Please contact your investment advisor for assistance in making an investment.

Investment Advisors

In order to participate, the following two steps must be completed at least two business days prior to the last business day of the month:

1.Submit a complete Subscription Agreement
2.Submit a purchase transaction via Fundserv

If these steps have not been completed by the deadline outlined above, the purchase will not be accepted for the relevant month.


Partnership Class A: TBR400
Class F: TBR007
Class J: TBR506
Class UF: TBR507
Calss UJ: TBR508

Offering Memorandum

Subscription Agreement

Trust Class A: TBR600
Class F: TBR601
Class J: TBR603
Class UF: TBR604
Calss UJ: TBR605

Offering Memorandum

Subscription Agreement


Completed Subscription Agreements should be sent via email or courier to: 

Timbercreek Asset Management
25 Price Street
Toronto, ON M4W 1Z1
Attention:  George Ganas
Fax: 416.848.9494
Email: subscriptions@timbercreek.com   



Global Real Estate Securities investments are managed by Timbercreek Investment Management Inc.