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Timbercreek U.S. REIT Preferred Fund - SICAV-SIF (Lux.) 


Timbercreek U.S. REIT Preferred Fund1 (The “Fund”) aims to provide high current income, stable cash flow with a focus on capital preservation by investing in preferred securities (“Preferreds”) of listed U.S. Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs).  

Investment Rationale

Timbercreek believes U.S. REIT preferred securities offer investors a unique opportunity to generate high current income, while preserving capital. U.S. REIT preferreds are hybrid securities that exhibit fixed income-like characteristics such as stable income streams and low volatility, while producing equity-like total returns over the long term. Since 2000, U.S. REIT preferred securities have generated average annualized returns of approximately 7.4%2.

Relative to fixed income alternatives, the Fund feels that the valuation of U.S. REIT preferred securities is attractive and trading at wider spreads than historical averages. U.S. REIT preferred securities provide investors with added diversification benefits due to their low correlation characteristics, serving as a complementary investment to existing fixed income portfolios.  

Key Facts

Structure SICAV - SIF (Lux.)

Class Ba USD - Accumulating, Unhedged
Class Ba CHF - Accumulating, Unhedged
Class Ba EUR - Accumulating, Hedged
Class Bd EUR - Pay-out, Hedged

Liquidity Weekly liquidity at NAV

Wells Fargo Hybrid and Preferred Securities REIT Index


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Robert Hau
Head of European Marketing & Sales

1 Timbercreek Real Estate Fund – U.S. REIT Fixed Income
2 As of June 19, 2018
Global Real Estate Securities investments are managed by Timbercreek Investment Management Inc.

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