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Doug Reeves, M.Sc, M.IB

Real Estate Investment Management

Doug Reeves joined Timbercreek in June 2014 as Analyst, Direct Real Estate & Debt Investments. In his current role as Director, Real Estate Investment Management, Mr. Reeves is responsible for Timbercreek’s global direct real estate and private equity investments for all real estate asset classes; including overseeing acquisitions, dispositions, developments, execution of value creation strategies and investment reporting.

Mr. Reeves has over five years of experience in real estate and finance. Prior to joining Timbercreek, Mr. Reeves worked at the Global Real Estate Sustainability Board (GRESB, B.V.) in Amsterdam, Netherlands, while completing his master’s thesis in the field of real estate finance.

Mr. Reeves holds a Master of Science in International Business from Maastricht University, a Master of Management from Queens University and a Bachelor of Commerce degree from Queens University