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Timbercreek invests in publicly listed real estate companies that own investment-grade real estate around the world. We focus on achieving a superior risk-adjusted return through investments that own high quality real estate across all asset types that we assess to be undervalued.  

Our investment objective is to deliver stable distribution and a compelling total return, while limiting volatility and protecting capital. Our global team of portfolio managers, analysts and investment professionals analyze the universe of global real estate securities by evaluating the location of the real estate and its market, the current income stream, financial strength of the real estate entity and the viability of the underlying security (whether common equity, preferred shares or corporate debt). 

Market Commentary

Timbercreek is pleased to provide you with our 2020 Market Outlook.

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With our strong presence in key global markets we continually monitor local economic conditions through our network of private and public market relationships while maintaining an ongoing dialogue with the management of our listed companies.



  • Access to best-in-class real estate
  • Investments in well-managed companies with cycle-tested track records
  • Exposure to attractive developed global markets that exhibit high barrier-to-entry characteristics


  • Investments in dividend-paying real estate companies with sustainable payout ratios
  • Provides capital appreciation potential and global diversification  
  • Limits volatility and maximizes income by investing across the capital stack (common equity, preferred securities or private investments)  


  • Concentrated portfolio of best-in-class real estate operating in supply-constrained markets around the world
  • Provides access to companies with quality management teams and conservative balance sheets.
  • Exposure to assets that earn majority of cash flow from contractual rental revenue

To learn more about available investment options, please contact us as info@timbercreek.com.


Global Real Estate Securities investments are managed by Timbercreek Investment Management Inc