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Your Guide to Global Real Estate Investing

The benefits of real estate investing in today's market and the different investment options available when accessing this asset class. 


Exploring the Benefits of Global Real Estate Investing

Exploring the Benefits of Global Real Estate Investing

Investors today face challenges that can only be overcome with innovative thinking. Real estate, whether in the form of private, direct investments or publicly traded companies via mutual funds, is particularly fertile ground for the out-of-the-box solutions investors need.

REITs as a proxy for direct real estate investing

REITs as a Proxy for Direct Real Estate Investing

An allocation to real estate offers a host of benefits for investors of all types: a stable income stream and strong returns, inflation protection, capital preservation and diversification through non-correlation to the broader markets.

A 4-quadrant approach to real estate investing

A 4-Quadrant Approach to Real Estate Investing

Investors have long turned to real estate for income, inflation protection and diversification. There are a variety of ways to access this asset class, including private, direct investments in bricks-and-mortar properties, debt investments backed by real estate, publicly traded real estate investment trusts (REITs) and publicly traded debt-like instruments.

A solution for high correlations and heightened volatility

A Solution for High Correlations and Heightened Volatility 

Tighter correlations between traditional asset classes and increasingly volatile equity markets have left investors searching for solutions that add meaningful diversification and stability to their portfolios. 


The Opportunity of REITs: Thinking Beyond Stocks and Bonds

Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) add diversification and can reduce volatility in investment portfolios, complementing traditional assets while capturing the benefits unique to real estate. 



Timbercreek Global Real Estate Income Fund - Quarterly Manager Commentary

The Timbercreek Global Real Estate Income Fund is pleased to provide you with a quarterly update which highlights the Fund's performance, portfolio changes and includes a quarterly market commentary from the Portfolio Manager.


Timbercreek Four Quadrant Global Real Estate Partners - Quarterly Manager Commentary

The Timbercreek Four Quadrant Global Real Estate Partners is pleased to provide you with a quarterly update which highlights the Partnership’s performance and portfolio activity.

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Timbercreek ‘higher-end trophy markets’ focus continues to pay off

Having a plan with a clear focus and sticking to it continues to pay off for Timbercreek Asset Management’s decade-old Global Real Estate Securities business, which has surpassed $2 billion in assets under management.


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These global REITs offer good growth: Timbercreek

Corrado Russo, senior managing director of investments and global head of securities at Timbercreek, joins BNN Bloomberg to discuss his outlook for the REITs and a new milestone his firm has hit.


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Timbercreek launches second Irish property fund

Canadian real estate fund Timbercreek Investment Management Inc. is launching its second Irish property fund to take advantage of the Brexit chaos.



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Timbercreek mapping big bridge-loan fund

Timbercreek Asset Management is soliciting equity for a fund with the goal of originating $1 billion of bridge loans in the U.S.


Timbercreek targets $1 billion for launch of U.S. debt fund

The fund will target rental real estate developments and renovations, and be leveraged with an equal split of equity and debt

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Smart REITs are playing the land development card

Timbercreek Senior Managing Director Corrado Russo sees potential of double-digit returns on real estate investment trusts despite higher interest rates




Four picks in the real estate sector

Corrado Russo shares his top picks for the Timbercreek Global Real Estate Income Fund.


Timbercreek's Optimistic Outlook for Real Estate

Higher interest rates usually mean stronger economies, inflation and low unemployment, which are positive for real estate securities, says Timbercreek's Corrado Russo.

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Global REITs expected to deliver 10% returns

Corrado Russo, Senior Managing Director, Investments and Global Head of Securities anticipates that this year's market conditions will be favourable for global real estate securities.


Global REITs to deliver up to 10% in 2018: report

Timbercreek's bottom-up fundamental analysis currently suggests that global REITs are priced to deliver another year of positive total returns for 2018 consisting of a 4.6% cash flow yield and a 4%-5% earning growth.


What to expect from global REITs in 2018

In an environment where global equity markets are reaching all-time highs and fixed income faces higher interest rates, we believe that real estate offers an attractive source of alternative yield with growth potential expected to exceed inflation.


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