Equity Financing

We actively invest in a diverse range of real estate equity opportunities across most asset classes. We seek like-minded strategic partners to source and co-invest in real estate opportunities that are consistent with our investment strategies in Canada and markets around the world.  

Our investment approach seeks to maximize returns, while controlling risk by investing in assets that offer sustainable, long-term operating cash flows. We employ a hands-on, active management approach and work closely with our partners to grow and generate stable cash flow from our investments. We create structures where the economic interest of both Timbercreek and our partners are closely aligned, offering creative and flexible structures that maximize returns.

We have a broad range of investment experience across all asset classes and possess first-hand knowledge of the risks and opportunities of real estate investing.  


  • Acquisition capital
  • Joint venture 
  • Equity capital partnerships
  • Preferred equity 


For more information, please contact:

Ugo Bizzarri


Michael Tsourounis


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