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Debt Financing

We are a leading non-bank provider of structured financing solutions to commercial real estate investors across Canada, the U.S. and Ireland. We focus on shorter-term loans which require fast execution and flexible terms and primarily lend against income-producing real estate such as multi-residential, office and retail properties. Our clients typically use these loans for a period of up to five years to cover the costs of capital improvements, property redevelopment or as bridge financing. Larger financial institutions typically cannot provide the structure that our borrowers require, nor the quick deployment of capital.

Highlights of what we can provide to borrowers, include:

  • loan size: $500,000 - $100 million 
  • term: 3 months - 10 years
  • loan-to-value: up to 85% 
  • generally, interest-only payments or flexible amortization
  • customized, flexible terms designed to meet your borrowing needs
  • clearly defined exit strategy 
  • early repayment privileges

We offer a range of structures including first and second mortgages, mezzanine capital and debentures. Contact our mortgage and loan specialists below for more information.

Quebec, Ontario & Alberta

Julie Neault
Agent # M08003816

Western Canada

Charles Lingren
Agent # 143150

United States

Brad Trotter


Paul Roddy
+353 (1) 905 3708 

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