Timbercreek Mortgage Investment Corporation


Timbercreek Mortgage Investment Corporation (the “Company”) was established to provide investors with the opportunity to invest indirectly in a diversified portfolio of high quality conventional mortgage loans secured primarily by income-producing real estate located in large urban markets (ie. offices, commercial real estate, multi-residential, retirement communities).

The Company’s objective is to preserve capital while generating attractive, stable and secure cash flows that permit paying monthly cash distributions to shareholders. 

Investment Approach

The Company was designed to take advantage of an underserved sector of the Canadian mortgage market by investing in shorter-term, customized mortgage loans provided to experienced real estate investors looking for faster execution and more flexible terms than typically offered by Canadian financial institutions. These loans are primarily interest-only, and used to bridge a period up to three years for such items as, repairs and redevelopment of a property, or for the purchase of another property, with a loan-to-value ratio up to 85%. The loans are normally repaid with conventional mortgage funding from a financial institution.

Key Facts 

Security   Common Shares (TSX: TMC) 
Monthly Cash Distributions  $0.067 share 
Annual Management Fee  1.2% of gross assets 
Annual Performance Fee  20% of net earnings above average of 2-year
GOC yield plus 450 bps 


Regulatory Filings

Board of Directors

The directors of Timbercreek Mortgage Investment Corp. have deep experience, established reputations and extensive contacts in the commercial real estate and mortgage lending community, as well as in the capital markets and asset management sectors in Canada.

Zelick L. Altman

Independent Director

Ugo Bizzarri 

Craig A. Geier

Independent Director

Director and Chief Executive Officer

W. Glenn Shyba

Independent Director

Derek J. Watchorn

Independent Director

Blair Tamblyn