Mutual Fund

Timbercreek Global Real Estate Income Fund

Provides access to public equity and debt of global real estate companies and REITs...

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TSX-Listed Closed End Fund

Timbercreek Global Real Estate Fund

Provides access to premier global real estate assets and securities that offer superior risk-adjusted returns... 

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Limited Partnership

Timbercreek Four Quadrant Global Real Estate Partners

Offers accredited investors access to global real estate investments (public and private, debt and equity)...

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It's time to gain a new perspective on global real estate in 2018.


With a dedicated global team, Timbercreek  traverses the globe to identify the trends that are shaping real estate investment opportunities around the world. How does mobile data usage create real estate investing opportunities? What about bricks-and-mortar retail shopping across the different continents—value or value trap? How is Japanese tourism impacting the hotel sector?