• Global real estate assets, with stable cash flow 

  • Global perspective, local knowledge 

  • Value-oriented investing, active management 

  • Conservatively managed, risk-averse

Timbercreek Asset Management
is a global asset manager specializing in real estate and other alternative asset classes.

  • Private Equity

    Direct investments in cash-flowing real estate across multiple asset classes in global high-growth markets

  • Private Debt

    Direct investments in customized mortgages secured by income-producing real estate in urban markets around the world

  • Public Securities

    Investments in publicly-listed companies that own investment-grade real estate across multiple asset classes around the world

  • Integrated Solutions

    A combination of all strategies into one integrated, customizable solution

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  • Management Team

    The Directors, Officers and Principals of Timbercreek have proven experience, established reputations and extensive contacts in the commercial real estate and mortgage lending, capital markets and asset management communities.

  • Blair Tamblyn

    Blair Tamblyn is Managing Director, Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder of Timbercreek Asset Management. Mr. Tamblyn is also Chairman of the Board for Timbercreek Financial. Mr. Tamblyn has 20+ years of experience working with the pub...

  • Ugo Bizzarri, CFA

    Mr. Bizzarri is Managing Director, responsible for Portfolio Management and Investments and Co-Founder of Timbercreek Asset Management. Mr. Bizzarri is also a Director of Timbercreek Financial. Mr. Bizzarri has 20+ years of experience in...

  • Corrado Russo, CFA, MBA

    Corrado Russo is Managing Director, Investments and Global Head of Securities for Timbercreek Asset Management where he is responsible for managing the global securities platform including the Timbercreek Global Real Estate Fund (TS...

  • Andrew Jones

    Andrew Jones is Managing Director, Debt Investments of Timbercreek Asset Management. He is also Chief Executive Officer and a member of the Board of Directors of Timbercreek Financial. Mr. Jones’ primary responsibility is to overse...

  • Jeff Hutchison, CFA

    Jeff Hutchison is Managing Director, Asset & Risk Management of Timbercreek Asset Management. His primary responsibilities include developing portfolio strategies, overseeing the performance of the individual assets, and directing the o...

  • Claudia Reich Floyd, MBA

    Claudia Reich Floyd is Executive Director, Portfolio Management, Global Real Estate Securities of Timbercreek where she heads up the Zurich office in Switzerland and manages global strategies in the listed real estate universe. Ms. Reich...

  • Carrie Morris, MBA

    Carrie Morris is Managing Director, Capital Markets & Corporate Communications and Director of Timbercreek Asset Management. Ms. Morris is also Vice President for Timbercreek Financial. Ms. Morris has 10+ years experience with p...

  • Samuel Sahn, MBA

    Samuel Sahn is Executive Director, Portfolio Management, Global Real Estate Securities of Timbercreek where he heads up the New York office. Mr. Sahn has over 14 years in real estate equities and financial services industry experience. Prio...

  • Gigi Wong, CPA, CA, CFA

    Gigi Wong joined Timbercreek in June 2016 as Chief Financial Officer. In her role as CFO, Ms. Wong is responsible for overseeing financial and taxation reporting, treasury, corporate financings and the financial reporting and risk analyt...

  • Peter Hawkings, J.D.

    Peter Hawkings is General Counsel and Chief Compliance Officer for Timbercreek. Mr. Hawkings is also Vice President and Corporate Secretary for Timbercreek Financial. He is responsible for overseeing all corporate legal aspects of T...

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